Getting the most from your camera

Explore your camera's full potential and take even better pictures with our expert shooting tips.

Camera basics

Get to know your camera and its different shooting modes, and learn about basic ideas in photography such as focal length, lighting and white balance.
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Focal length
Lightning and its effects
Factors of defocus
Minimum focusing distance
Exposure and exposure compensation
Aperture (F-number) and A-mode
Creative style
White balance
Shutter speed and S-mode
ISO sensitivity
Autofocus (AF) mode
Drive mode

Shooting tips

When you're comfortable with how your camera works, check out our expert shooting tips to improve your pictures in real-life situations.
Lesson 1: Shoot impressive portraits with people highlighted
Lesson 2: Give a soft touch to flower shots
Lesson 3: Capture dynamic landscapes
Lesson 4: Shoot photographs of delicious-looking food
Lesson 5: Capture the cute expression of pets
Lesson 6: Shoot faces of the sky
Lesson 7: Capture dramatic night views
Lesson 8: Capture the micro world
Lesson 9: Let the small item play the major role
Lesson 10: Turn familiar scenes into artworks
Lesson 11: Shoot townscapes while walking
Lesson 12: Capture motion in photographs
Lesson 13: Capturing Beautiful Party Photos
Lesson 14: Photographing the Night Sky
Lesson 15: Photographing a Fireworks Display
Lesson 16: Photographing the Colors of Autumn Foliage
Lesson 17: Capturing Beautiful Illumination


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